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Ryan Gosling An Unnamed Character

August 27, 2013



In this movie, an amazingly talented superstar Ryan Gosling performed the lead character. Ryan Gosling is a terrific actor. He performed many characters in different movies likes The Notebook, Gangster Squad, Remember the Titans and many others. In Drive, he played the role of unnamed person who works in a chop shop as a part time mechanic, but he also has a secret work. He was a driver and gives 5 minutes to every robber for the robbery and never works twice with the same person. Gosling looked very cool and handsome in the movie. He wore a Satin Jacket this movie with a gold Scorpion design on the backside. This jacket was giving a perfect touch to Gosling’s personality.

A jacket with a big scorpion design has such a unique an attracting look that can attract anyone towards it. The body fitted shape of this jacket makes it gentler. For your comfort, Knitted collar and cuffs are also added to this scorpion satin costume. At the party, this jacket will surely make to get notice and look different from others.

If you are expecting that this movie is similar like Fast and Furious or any other Transporter movie than it will definitely beats your all expectation. It is an exclusive film which has its own great story.



In this Hollywood movie, Ryan Gosling played the lead role of cool unnamed driver. In the movie,  he worked for the criminal as wheelman because he has great driving skills and get many dollars from them because of his expertise. Ryan amazed his all fans from his unique role and his from his style; he worn striking and attractive scorpion jacket with the toothpick in the corner of its mouth

He has a friend Shannon who hired Gosling in his own garage as a driver. Both Shannon and the driver decided to make their life complicated. Shannon approaches a gangster Bernie Rose for a loan. Bernie is a crook who love to do smoking and eating Chinese too

The movie has lots of suspense and action. Obviously there is a girl in the movie Irene cares for his young son and his husband was in a jail. Driver fall in love with the girl and break his all rules for protecting her. Gosling drives through neon and suddenly rain in Los Angeles streets reminiscent of Michael Manns best work, and there is no one a long silence where Gosling and Mulligans looking at each other. The movie is taking so much time, and it’s like a dream where the characters are familiar, but never recognizable.


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